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Post-Warped Gig

Melissa and Patty

July 10 Railway Club, Vancouver Just when I thought the fun was over after the Warped show, I ran into Melissa Auf der Maur (Hole) backstage. She and Patty Schemel (also in Hole) were in town to play an unannounced gig at the Railway Club that night. Since it was first come first serve and a small venue, I headed over there right away.

Melissa and Patty I walked up the stairs to the Railway Club, and reached for the doorknob, hoping to walk right in, but to my surprise, the door was locked. I tried again, but no luck. A couple of well-dressed people stepped up beside me and rang a doorbell, right next to the handwritten "gig poster" reading "Tonight: Melissa Auf der Maur, and Patty Schelmel". I found this interesting. A man opened the door and they showed him their "membership cards" and walked in. Now what? Iím not a member. I didnít even know where this club was up until a couple of minutes ago. I gave it a shot anyway. The man at the door asked me for my card, and with my baggy shorts, t-shirt, and backpack, I answered "Melissa invited me". Apparently these three words were as good as any old membership card that night. He invited me right in and told me to make myself comfortable.

Melissa and Patty

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