Melissa Auf Der Maur - Is she a bloke or is she a man?
Melissa Auf Der Maur - Is she a bloke or is she a man?

Ex-HOLE and SMASHING PUMPKINS bassist MELISSA AUF DER MAUR has completed 12 songs on her "very heavy and very beautiful" solo album.

As previously reported, Auf Der Maur has been working on her new album, due for release later this year. She told MTV news that she is hoping to recruit her friend Rufus Wainwright to contribute to the sessions.

Speaking about the record, she commented: "It's very, very heavy and very beautiful at the same time. The muscle of heavy masculine smothered with very, very ethereal femininity.

"I definitely relate more to a particular genre of heavy, male music, but it happens to be a heavy male music that is very feminine from my perspective, such as Queens Of The Stone Age and Smashing Pumpkins. Those are two heavy bands that have very feminine sides. All of us are half men and half women we have just as much masculine as feminine, so I would definitely describe the new project as me wrestling with those two sides."

Song titles on the album, released under the name Auf Der Maur, include 'Appetite Running', 'Beastfest' and 'Real, A Lie'.