Photographs by Melissa Auf der Maur,
A Lomographer by Definition

These photographs, all of exceptional quality, are by Melissa herself, a talented art photographer in her own right.
The self portraits at arms length are now revealed to be taken, as I suspected, with her Lomo (mentioned by her in an article on photography) clearly seen in the last reflection shot. The depth of focus and outstanding automatic exposure seen in these Lomographs, especially the complex reflections, is a testament to the amazing optics of these pokey little Russian cameras. I myself might have to trade in my Rollei 35 for one just on the strength of Melissa's shots.
There is just no doubt about it, the Lomo is a Classic Cult camera, it realy does seem to symbolize Melissa in some strange and in-quantifiable way. The more one learns the more amazed one becomes I suppose.