Happy Birthday Melissa!, 17th March 2005

With all the love I can muster for the occasion. What an amazing year this has been for you and an adventure for all of us to watch. You've done more good in the world than you know.

Doctor Rock. Thu Mar 17 18:53:16 EST 2005

Follow Melissa's career and current tour at her Official Site

I realy don't think there would be any harm in you joining Melissa's virtual street team...

Why not try it and let history be the judge.

Happy Birthday Melissa!, 17th March 2004

You have your album released it is a good year.
You are touring in a band it is a good year.
Civilisation has not been wiped off the face of the earth by war it is a good year.
Your example has managed to keep me hopefull, and I live in hope that there will be more good years yet.
Best wishes to all, on this Melissa's birthday.

Doctor Rock. Thu Mar 18 01:06:54 EST 2004

Watch the videos from Melisa's album.

"Followed The Waves"

Windows Media
56: 56 kbps 100: 100 kbps 300: 300 kbps
Real One
56: 56 kbps 100: 100 kbps 300: 300 kbps
56: 56 kbps 100: 100 kbps 300: 300 kbps

And now also "Taste You"

Windows Media
56: 56 kbps 100: 100 kbps 300: 300 kbps
Real One
56: 56 kbps 100: 100 kbps 300: 300 kbps
56: 56 kbps 100: 100 kbps 300: 300 kbps

There's damn good news as Melissa's official website begins to come to life

I'd suggest you all without exception right now go to Aufdermaur.com and show as much support as is humanly possible what with news of the release of her album, tour dates and even some downloadable music.

Go Now, and keep an eye on it one can only imagine what it will develop into

Go Now, and try to remeber that in all my wretchedness I have maintained faith under often very difficult circumstances for five years, surely that must count for some small redemption for your oft misunderstood narrator

Doctor Rock Mon Jan 12 22:27:03 EST 2004

News of a New Gig for Melissa has appeared in my mailbox

(A rare item of interest amongst incessant and overwhelming spam)

The VISIONS Westend will take place from the 26th to the 27th of July in Dortmund. We have one stage with 25 bands, prices will be 35 Euro plus fee excluding camping and parking and 40 Euro plus fee including camping and parking. You can get the tickets online at http://www.visions.de/konzerte/visions_festival/ or via phone: 040-433 039 or at every ticket service. Entry is on Friday at 3pm for camping, concerts will start on Saturday 11am.
These are the confirmed bands:
Aereogramme(exclusive festival show)
Ash (exclusive Germany show)
The Cooper Temple Clause
Danko Jones 
Keith Caputo (exclusive Germany show)
The Libertines 
Melissa Auf Der Maur (exclusive Germany show)
Mother Tongue 
Muff Potter
Samiam (exclusive festival show)
Trail Of Dead (exclusive Europe show)
The Weakerthans (exclusive Germany show)

Doctor Rock Fri May 23 20:54:37 EST 2003

Happy Birthday Melissa!, 17th March 2003

I don't know what to say this year, this is a bad time for the whole world due to politics how can I not mention it. But there is always hope in spite of a lack of faith and seeing you in new bands and new videos and with new albums, it helps. I wish you a very happy birthday and wish you good luck in all your projects, and I'm hoping you have time to relax and enjoy it, maybe with your family.
Best wishes to all and hope for The Good, on this Melissa's birthday.

Doctor Rock. Mon Mar 17 18:20:35 EST 2003

It appears you can buy a CD of The Hand of Doom even as you read this text, from Retrophonic
Doctor Rock Wed Sep 25 21:31:39 EST 2002
And there is what seems to be aN official promotion site for Hand Of Doom
Doctor Rock Sun Dec 8 14:55:17 EST 2002

Hand Of Doom at Edgefest

This is an interesting thing I found from my site logging. P.S. My Favourite Designer is definitely Betsey Johnson(just as an aside).
Doctor Rock, Tue Jun 25 23:35:00 EST 2002

Melissa Auf der Mar: The Rock Star Is Now Clothed

Melissa Auf der Mar and Elisa Jiminez come for different worlds. Melissa is the former bass player for both Hole and the Smashing Pumpkins, while Elisa is a former marionette maker and sculptor. The two artists collaborated on a fairly unusual fashion show recently , with astonishing results. Breaking new ground and further pushing the envelope, both Auf der Mar and Jiminez revel in the opportunity to experiment. See Video: Melissa Auf der Mar - Elisa Jimenez Spring 2002
In persuit of The Chelsea I have discovered and seriously you all must check this site out The Official Samantha Maloney Site. It is truly an amazing piece of flash design with some very interesting facts about Sam. She's been involved in some righteous projects.
Doctor Rock, Sat May 18 19:37:12 EST 2002

As Much As I could Compile about, The Chelsea Gig


Happy Birthday Melissa!, 17th March 2002

Utterly huge Love from Doctor Rock, at The Axiom

You're out there, your doing interesting things, your having fun with what seem to be your real friends, you are the only thing that looks like good news in this whole horrific world. I become very happy just knowing someone like you exists in this world

I believe, though don't take it out on me if I'm wrong, but I think my pathetic efforts may have restored the online chat to a working condition. It's all due to a systemwide configuration change that took place maybe 6 months ago, and I never thought to fix the chat system to adapt to it, clearly because of foolishness on nothing but wretched doctor rocks part.

If, indeed anyone did actually want to use it.
of course

I have been informed by the runner of www.simplypaz.com that Melissa will be playing a set with Paz Lenchantin and Samantha Maloney, which I personally think would have to be a really outstanding and righteous unit. These are the details as sent.


Just an update, the day of the show has been changed to Wed. Feb 6th. The line up and everything is the same. In addition, the three will be called The Chelsea.

I called Paz for news and she said that she, Melissa and Sam would be playing at Spaceland (1717 Silver Lake Blvd, Hollywood CA 90028) 3 Blocks north of Sunset Blvd. (21 and over with valid ID).
The show is on Feb 6, it starts at 9 pm but the girls don't play till 11 pm...the next band is scheduled for 12 so that gives them under an hour. Paz's brother (who'll be playing before) said that it's just some stuff they threw together and thought would be fun to play.

Happy Birthday Melissa!, 17th March 2001

Best wishes on all levels, from Doctor Rock, at The Axiom

Everyone does not have to share the same values set, change is the only constant, and you can only have hope if there is doubt. Unpredictability and diversity are issues to consider for a more harmonious existence, on Melissa's birthday this year

This Just In

Friday November 3 2000

A more or less anonymous informant sent me this information this last night and I supposed that they probably would like the information made available, and it reads.
Thought you should know:  Available 11/14/00

Shanti Project Collection 2 features new and rare tracks from Kristin Hersh
(ex-Throwing Muses), MAdM (Melissa Auf der Maur), Mimi Parker (Low), Rebecca
Gates (Spinanes), Edith Frost,  Paula Frazer  (used to be called Tarnation)
w/ Mark Eitzel (American Music Club), and Julie Doiron (ex-eric's trip).

This CD is a very cohesive listen from seven remarkable female artists.
Unlike most compilations, Shanti Project Collection flows as if it is from
one sweet, somber artist.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this CD will benefit Shanti
Project of San Francisco- an AIDS/HIV assistance provider.
further information available here The Shanti Project

Some New and interesting Astrological information in Horoscope

Happy Birthday Melissa!, 17th March 2000

Untold Love from Doctor Rock, at The Axiom

Peace Happiness and Harmony to the world, on Melissa's birthday

This is now officially THE Maverick Unofficial Web site devoted to Melissa

Many unofficial sites (with some interesting exceptions) do not approve of this site because I myself did not scan most the pictures in the galleries, as is obvious. (I do not have the resources to do scanning, and seldom can afford to buy magazines or go to concerts).
They believe that fact alone means I put nothing into this site and that I am just using other peoples work entirely and claiming it as my own.
Some believe me to be the most diabolical person that has ever been, seemingly from more recent correspondence.
Often they believe I have no credibility or even any worth at all, I'll let you judge that all for yourself if you look around but I myself know that it has been constant daily work from the beginning and hundreds of hours solid. It is labour of love and the pinacle of my own website development as art, This is the best website I have constructed to date and will do my utmost to keep it's integrity and maintain it as an example of my craft in all aspects of website implementation
If you feel that my motives or methods are wrong, please go elsewhere now because it is the surprisingly high level of browsers on this site I see in the logs that makes me feel I am justified, which causes me to stay online. I stand by my ethics
I myself would recommend to anyone putting scanned pictures of anything on the net that they tastefully put their name or web address in any pictures they may post anywhere for anything, then you will be assured credit for the picture if thats what you want. Certainly, as you may see, I will always retain that identification on images I collect.
Never the less this is a Melissa site that has been running here much longer than any others I know to be claiming time as an issue (and run by a a male as I might point out as there seems to be some misapprehension and possible stigma). Remember, accept no substitutes. Only Doctor Rock's web site guarantees absolute fringe credibility. I have never been one to like or be accepted into cliques and I cannot see that changing.

Hole Bassist Quits, Rolling Stone September 1999
Well, Here is your mystery then. I've poked about and this rumor on the net of Melissa leaving Hole seems to be put forward by rollingstone.com. As I read it the Rolling Stone people must be getting some good information; you'd think. The publicists for the band says it's untrue, you've got to work out for yourselves who do you trust, "intimate sources" to Rolling Stone Reporters or a publicist.
Be of brave heart, Melissa fans. I feel confident that she will shine on through into some other gig. Surely we all want to see more of Melissa out there playing, and Courtney I think has been fated to be more tied into the movie scene for some time now.
Perhaps it is "The Path that Must be trod".
I will certainly be staying focused on Melissas career no mater which way she goes, there can be no doubt, definitely.
Certainly the Smashing Pumpkins gig would have to be interesting, weirder art and Billy Corgan does seem to have been always a good friend to Melissa. Any band that Melissa were to be involved in would have to draw immediate attention from a major fan base too; I shouldn't be surprised. Just from the numbers I see coming through this web site.

It's all a great mystery, isn't it.

"It seems the more I look into the fairly sparse information on the net about Melissa and her family the more fascinated I become. There is little point in denying what this web site has obviously evolved into, let's not mess with words, this site is an unmitigated shrine to Melissa Auf der Maur as an individual apart from Hole. An individual with a remarkable family history and life story in general. So what was a pictorial history of Hole has now become....."

The Collective Melissa Auf der Maur & Hole Picture Gallery

Way More than just the original 100 Pictures of Hole

Most of these pictures feature Melissa, but there should be at least 1 picture of all Hole members past and present. There are even one or two solo pictures of Patty(very rare).

"Hole! Well they're a truly righteous band,

there can be no doubt."

"This Web-site has simply become

an unmitigated shrine to Melissa Auf der Maur."

To Maintain a faithful archive of any piece of art requires that it be represented completely. So there are only full play versions of any audio visual material here on this web page.

The Archive of Two Complete Hole Albums

Once here have been removed, not because of any pressures from the establishment or anything, but as this web site has become so Melissa oriented they had become increasingly incongruent.
The Celebrity Skin album was the first audio transcription that I did from an album I had purchased back at the time of release. That's when the site came online, as a realaudio experiment.
It grew into a more general Hole site with the next thing on the site, that being, of course, the Declaration of Righteousness. This remains and will always remain, as these declarations are naturally irrevocable and it is definitely not even in question though I might have to think of an amendment to include Samantha Maloney now clearly a full band member.
But I must point out that since the well known issues with Patty Schemels replacement by session drummers by insistence of production forces for the album, I find myself in a difficult moral dilemma with the issues involved with the album. I mean even I know what it's like to get dumped out of a band when they went to record just from playing the pub circuit here in Newcastle, imagine if you can what it would be like for musicians at the level of Hole. Craziness. Madness. It all just like blows my mind man, so I really had to take them off to resolve the mind drill.
It's all a mystery, definitely.
At any rate, there are certainly more excellent examples of Melissa's work in the videos sections.

Hole Live at the Big Day Out, Sydney Australia 23rd January 1999

A copy of Channel [V] coverage of the event for archival permanence

See and Hear The Gig

Full play music video with introductions by Hole.

Well, what can I say, I'm only one man, how can it be otherwise. I've had to take the videos down, ironically due to the popularity of them. My little system was clunking over "something chronic" to keep up with the throughput in the end. Too Many Doods!!. I'm still working on the problem, in my brain, but we can't expect too many "way out there good ideas" from that source. You just can't beat the bandwidth limitations.

I'm intending to inaugurate the "Give Us More Bytes for Free" society for the further good of mankind, and the future of life on earth in general.
Mind you, I dare say some enterprising person with alot more resources than myself could surely find some way of benefiting from this on demand video clips concept. Somehow
But I digress.... Big Day Out sets are still there though. I'll hang on to them as long as humanly possible.

"Man, I'm really going to have to re-layout this webpage"