This analysis of personality is based on the day of birth, and without an exact time and place of birth is as accurate as I'm going to be able to get. You will note that the personality traits indicated by this document seem to closely describe Melissa very well from reading the articles elsewhere on this web site. Only Melissa and people who know her well will truly know how deeply these issues go, but from everything I've read about her and her career and the testimony of people who have met her it seems astoundingly accurate. Surly even a sceptic would have to see the close analogies and metaphors with Melissa in this mythic birth chart.

March Seventeenth

The Day Of The Aerialist

Those born on March 17 live exciting lives taken up with recurring themes of flying,floating, music, dance, movement and travel of all sorts. They are quite capable of losing themselves in activity,cause or experience, relinquishing many demands of their ego in the process. Highly evolved individuals born on this day are able to engage in such activities while at the same time expressing a strong sense of self. Less highly evolved individuals tend to be overly self-effacing or passive, unable to direct their lives effectively.

March 17 people are never happier than when they are involved in a cause, particularly one which allows them to express their social side. Without such social involvement, March 17 people have a tendency to become isolated; if they spend too much time alone, they can wrap themselves in a kind of personal cocoon completely insulated from the cares and concerns of the world. At some point, such March 17 people must emerge from their social or personal chrysalis as fully developed butterflies, unafraid to display their uniqueness and beauty.

This metaphor of the butterfly may be useful here to illustrate several other relevant points. March 17 people must learn to pursue activities with concentrated application, rather than flitting about from one flower to the next. In addition, they may have to toughen their stance in order to guarantee that their projects as well as their identity and reputation last well beyond one short season.

March 17 people tend to value all that is fresh and new in the world. Many born on this day tire quickly of old conventions and outdated ideas, wishing to implement new methods with youthful innocence and vigor. Unfortunately they can run afoul of fate and also of more highly seasoned realists, who through cynical or jaded may have a much firmer grip on the reins of power. The most highly evolved individuals born on this day manage to retain their optimism and energy while at the same time becoming more realistic and and effective in implementing their plans.

Often in their desire to avoid being categorized or pinned down to responsibility, March 17 people become adept at eluding those who wish to ground them. Avoidance can quickly become a device they use to defend those positions they maintain that do not stand up under close scrutiny. If they wish to be successful, March 17 people must learn to be more thorough and considered, and indulge less in the mutable, less serious aspects of their nature. For a period of time, their associates, family and friends can be enchanted by their gyrations, but will finally demand that those born on this day come to earth and shoulder their share of mundane concerns, with all of the attendant difficulties and annoyances. Through such grounded activities, March 17 people can effectively contribute to the life around them, bringing their freshness and creativity to bear.

Numbers and Planets

Those born on the 17th day of the month are ruled by the number 8(7+1=8), and by the planet Saturn. Saturn carries with it a strong feeling of limitation and restriction, and may indicate a judgmental aspect as well. These characteristics are modified in March 17 people by the influence of Neptune (ruler of Pisces), which tends to bring material good fortune as well as an ability to charm others. The number 8 suggests a conflict between the material and the spiritual worlds; those ruled by this number can be lonely, and prone to indulging in excess.


The 17th card of the Major Arcana is The Star, which depicts a beautiful naked girl under the stars pouring refreshing water on the parched earth with one pitcher and reviving the stagnant water of a pond with another. She represents the glories of earthly life, but also material enslavement to it. The stars above her are an eternal reminder of the presence of the spiritual world. March 17 people should seek to unite the energies of heaven and earth as suggested symbolically by this card.


Those born on March 17 may be prone to physical problems relating to their joints, particularly those of the lower extremities. They must take particular care of their feet and deal with fungal infections without delay. As far as diet is concerned, variety and balance are the watchwords. Though the emphasis here should be on sensual enjoyment, they must beware of becoming slaves to food, and keep their consumption of fats and sugar under control. Regarding physical exercise, March 17 people do well with moderate daily recreation, particularly jogging and swimming (or even the daily physical demands of being a rock musician).


Ground yourself in experience. Without losing your enthusiasm, partake more in the practical areas of your life. Tend to daily tasks, and learn from them. Become more consequent in your endeavors; don't make changes too readily.

Bibliography: the Secret Language of Birthdays, Gary Glodschiner & Joost Elffers

Melissa's Birth Chart

as best I can calculate it without an exact time and location.

Planetary positions in the 12 Houses at birth

Sun in Pisces
Moon in Aries
Mercury in Aries
Venus in Taurus
Mars in Taurus
Jupiter in Capricorn
Saturn in Gemini
Uranus in Libra
Neptune in Sagittarius
Pluto in Libra

Planets in Aspect at birth

Opposition Mercury - Uranus
Opposition Sun - Pluto
Opposition Saturn - Neptune
Sextile Sun - Mars
Trine Venus - Jupiter
Conjunction Mars - Saturn
Trine Mars - Pluto
Square Jupiter - Pluto
Trine Moon - Jupiter

Montreal, Quebec , Canada 17th March 1972 12:00 5
Latitude 45.33 Longitude 73.35
 SunPisces27.13 AscCancer19.32
 MoonAries28.26 IILeo07.29
 MercuryAries14.43 IIILeo28.44
 VenusTaurus11.47 IVVirgo26.29
 MarsTaurus23.48 VScorpio03.22
 JupiterCapricorn06.07 VISagittarius14.39
 SaturnGemini01.31 VIICapricorn19.32
 UranusLibra17.05 RVIIIAquarius07.29
 NeptuneSagittarius05.13 RIXAquarius28.44
 PlutoLibra00.49 RXPisces26.29
 LilithScorpio02.31 XITaurus03.22
 Asc-nodeAquarius04.02 XIIGemini14.39

 SunSextileMars 3.25 33 
 SunOppositionPluto 3.36-132 
 MoonTrineJupiter 7.40 3 
 MercuryOppositionUranus 2.22-162 
 VenusTrineJupiter 5.41 26 
 MarsConjunctionSaturn 7.43 19 
 MarsTrinePluto 7.01 6 
 JupiterSquarePluto 5.18 -4 
 SaturnOppositionNeptune 3.43 -70 
 SaturnTrinePluto 0.41 46