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This site is labour of love due to the subject, and the prime example of my own website development as art(as I see it) as well as a showcase and archive of material relating to Melissa Auf der Maur, who I still consider to be the most beautiful and talented young woman in contemporary rock music. My only ambition would be that this website were to meet with her approval.
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Note: Only Donated Material Is Guaranteed donors individual credit.

Also Note: Some of this material may be copyright I don't know. I have no understanding of these laws surely I'm not expected to, I'm only a human being.


This Web-site is Doctor Rock's Personal and Private collection of material copied from various media sources(including internet web sites). It is kept exclusively at The Axiom, his home on his PC. No Materials are for sale in any way. This is an entirely non-profit and altruistic operation.

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